Thursday, November 25, 2010

Why I'm Thankful Thanksgiving Is Over

Yeah, I said it.  I have seen a ton of blogs that are putting what they are thankful for today.  I'm going to tell you what I am thankful for, just with a twist.  Why, say it with me, because I don't follow the rules.

 #10.  I'm thankful that dinner is over and the mess it cleaned up.  The closest thing to a cook/maid that I have is my hubby, and he rocks at helping.  He is one step behind me keeping the dishes washed and put away, so that we don't have a big ole, man I hate Thanksgiving dishes feeling after it is over. 

#9.  I am thankful we can finally put up the tree.  I know some of you have your stuff up already, but I'm a diehard, has to wait till after Thanksgiving kind of gal.

#8.  I am thankful that we don't go do all the black friday madness.  Now that I've said that tho, I'm sure hubby will find something in the ads that we just have to go buy between their window of sale.  And no, it's won't be at the butt crack of dawn. 
 #7.  I am thankful that there is only one month until Christmas.  I just wish I had my shopping done.

 #6.  I am thankful that my kids put up with my wackiness at the dinner table.  Feel sorry for them, feel very, very sorry.
 #5.  I am thankful that turkey gives you an excuse to take a nap. 

#4.  I am thankful for leftovers.  Especially the banana cream pie.

#3.  I am thankful for insulin that allows me to keep eating said pie.  I'm not thankful for the needle that sometimes hurts me tho.

 #2.  I am thankful that my grandkids have a bapa that plays games like monster, mean zoo keeper, and every other game they come up with to play.  That leaves time for grammie to just be the lazy woman that she is. :)

#1.  I am thankful that I have found the world of blogging.  Thanks to my daughter Mindi.  It has opened up a whole new life for me.  Thanks to my hubby for not getting too upset with me for putting all my weirdness out there.  Now the world sees what he has had to put up with for 33 years.  
 Let the shopping begin.