Saturday, November 13, 2010

Breakfast With Mom & Dad

This is my mom and dad.  My mom hates having her picture taken even more than I do, so I caught this picture without her knowing.  hehe, she'll never know.  She gave birth to 9 kids, 1 set of twins.  She will take 2 of us out for our birthdays at a time, with our spouses.  I got to go with my sister Emily and her husband Clayton.  Sorry, no picture.
 My mom can never, ever do anything without a game involved.  To be fair, she actually made us play 3 games, in the restaurant.  We have learned to just go with the flo, or there is hell to pay.  One of today's games was, "Don't Eat The Turkey".  I'm sure some of you with younger children have played this game.  Here is the card......
 Here are the instructions.  They say, place a piece of candy on each turkey, then one person has to leave the room while the others pick one of the turkeys.  Being that we were in IHOP, there was no way we could leave the room so we did the adult thing and just covered our eyes.
 Here is my card with the candy I picked out.  Mom, in the future, please just bring M&M's, mmmkk.  Thanks.
 The object of the game is to eat a piece of candy off the turkey that you think they picked.  You have to continue eating the candy until you reach the one they picked and then they yell out, Don't Eat The Turkey.  (yup, dudes, we are playing this in a restaurant)  The arrow is the turkey they picked for me.  Notice the amount of turkey's I picked before picking the right one.  Hubby said he is not taking me to Vegas with him. :)
 This is hubsters card.  X marks the spot of the only piece he had to eat before picking the right one.  I will force him to go to Vegas with me.
 My cute mom always has to have a prize for the winner.  But we are all winners because she doesn't want us to go home empty handed.  Hubster picked the loaf of pumpkin bread, and I picked the cute tin that had apples and carmels in it. 
For all the weird and crazy ways of my mom.  I still love her to pieces.  And know that someday when she is gone, I will miss her wackiness. 
All in all it was a truly fun day at breakfast.