Sunday, November 21, 2010

Scavenger Hunt Sunday 11.21.10

Yay, it's time again to follow Ashley at Rambling and Photos.  Some of these were a lot harder to get than others. 

1.The View Above

The other day when the sun was coming up, it put such a great glow on the clouds.  I was at work, but just was drawn to the sight of it.

2.Something Hot

I'm a little bit mad that the stove looked like we don't clean it.  We do, I promise.

3.Something Cold
 This is a great picture.  There is a farmer that lives by us that tries to get as much irrigation water as he can.  Sometimes you have to wonder about him.  My daughter actually got this picture.  I think it is awesome. 


In some areas of town we have some really cool looking electrical wires.  I'm learning that there is beauty in all things.


Driving to work in the mornings when it is dark, gives such a sparkle to things. 

This is so much fun.  Plus it gives me an excuse to use my camera.  We all know that me and my camera are like this. *crosses fingers*

If you would like to play along next week, here are the subjects.

1.Black and White
2.I Ate This...
5.The End
Wow, this one looks like an interesting one.  Oh well, let the photo taking begin