Friday, March 25, 2011

Danger Around The Corner

It's Book Blurb time.  Lisa Ricard Claro - Writing In The Buff runs this little meme where she gives you a picture and you are supposed to write the jacket blurb using up to 150 words.  I love the challenge of having an writing assignment.  Its getting inspired on what to write that gives me fits.

Brianna walked nervously down the hallway. What was she going to find? The package that arrived by express mail held only a key and a suite number.

Stuart hurried along the crowded sidewalk. So many people, and not much time to get to the place he was told to go.

Little did they know, but their lives were about to come together, putting them in dangerous situations, in the search of the unknown.

Will Brianna find the answers she has been looking for? Can Stuart forgive and forget things that were done to him in the past?

And who is behind all of the secrets that are about to be found? What will they find that will shock them to their very core?

Good heavens.  I think I want to read this book. :)