Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Things That Make Me Go Eww, Yuck, And Throw Up A Little In My Mouth

  Today, I'm going to talk a little bit about things that might gross you out.  So, if you are easily
throw-up-able, you might just want to not continue. 

First item of business.  Blowing your nose in a restaurant. 
Take a look at this.
Not only is nose blowing dude, blowing his nose, but apparently he is going to be making a speech.  "Let me stand in front of all of you to speak, and blow my nose".  Please, please, DO NOT LOOK AT THE SNOT ON YOUR HANKY!!!.  Oh man, he did.  I also like the expressions on the peoples faces.  Of course, the women are disgusted, some of the men are, but other men have a smile on their face.  A smile on their face?  Is this because they are all like, "haha, that's funny", or "oh my, are you really doing that?" 

I'll give you a minute to digest that last picture............waiting..............waiting............moving on.

The shoe, plastic bag of goodies, belt bin at the airport.
I know, the least of your worries at the airport is
"I wonder what kind of person's shoes were just in this bin?"
"I wonder how often they clean these bins?"
"Do they just throw them back at the beginning of the line when they are running low?"

Let's say, Mr,  I don't shower, EVER, just went through the scanner. "Oh dear, I need a bin, oh good, here comes the PSA dude with some more".  It's the dudes bin that just went through.  Gosh, I hope he didn't have a fungus on his feet.  He was just wearing those flip-flop things.  What is that at the bottom of this bin.  A freaking toenail.  Are you kidding me?  (Wait a minute, I'm having an issue of keeping my breakfast down.  Gulp.)

They really need to start handing out huge plastic bags to put our stuff in, and then put it in a bin.   How about Lysol wipes, are we allowed to carry those on, or are they on the "combustible list".  I really am kind of speechless at the moment, just thinking of all the things that are put in those bins.  And the people's cleanliness habits. 

I'm going to my happy place.  I'm going to my happy place. 

Thanks little Bro for bringing this subject up to me. 
Happy Travels.  Bwaa-haa-haa