Saturday, March 26, 2011

I'm Not A Chicken

Jenny Matlock
Jenny, oh Jenny.  Poems this week?  Really?  You are just one lucky girl that I will never back away from a dare.  Gosh darn it.
Rules, she gives you a prompt, I highlight it blue, you have up to 100 words to come up with something, and the prompt does not count towards your words.  Got it?  Good.

As I stand in the doorway, my feelings take flight
I’m not a chicken, I can’t be tonight.
Too many people are counting on me
Oh, so much pressure, I want to be free.

Free from the bullies, that point at and stare
Also the “better than”, why can’t they be fair.
Talking behind my back, oh, you are so cool
You should remember, it makes you the fool.

My name is announced, a tear tumbles down
Be brave, you can do it, and remember, don’t frown
Applause is overwhelmingly being heard by my ears
Welcome to Heaven, you have no more fears.