Monday, March 14, 2011

Where Has The Time Gone

Yesterday, I was having one of those, "wow, where has time flown to" moments.  I got thinking about my kids, and how sweet they were as babies and the times that they were sick, or had broken arms.  All three of my kids broke their arms.  They must be graceful like their mother.  :)
I decided to put a little video together.  I love the song from Momma Mia, "Slipping Through My Fingers".  The first time I saw the movie I was in tears by the end of that song.  I know, shocker, me in tears. 
Even tho I only have one daughter, the song is exactly how I feel about all my kids.  I love them so much.  They really do grow up fast.
Here's hoping that you all have a fabulous week.