Friday, March 11, 2011

Frack You Friday and Shoegasm - 3.11.11

Frack you Friday, brought to us by the lovely Christy and Boobies

Frack you to Winter.  Really?  Give up the ghost already.  I'm thumbing my nose at you today.  See me in my capris and cute 3/4 sleeve shirt.  yeah, take that buddy. (sure, I have my floor heater on under my desk, but still)

Frack you to the never-ending-life-sucking-flu-season.  You wore out your welcome, oh, about 4 bout's ago.  I'm tired of you picking on my kids and grandkids.  errrrrrrr

Actually that is all today.  I'm in a good mood.  My K-Cups are being delivered by FedEx today.  What flavors you ask, well let me tell you. 

Hawaiian Hazelnut
Carmel Vanilla Creme
Wild Mountain Blueberry

Smidge jealous, aren't you?

Now on to my new found experience of joy each Friday. 

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Sponsored by Boobies.  Yup  Love that girl.
If you know me well, I HATE shoes.  Ok, I like to look at them, but wear them, my motto is,
"if the Lord wanted us to wear them we would have been born with them on"
I love Spring/Summer because I can wear sandals and flip flops.  Look at this fab pair I found.  I would totally wear these IF they weren't so dang expensive. 
christian louboutin Zebra gladiator sandals $279.00

Wouldn't they just show off my tats something awesome.  ~sigh~