Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Dear...... 3.15.11

Dear.... sponsored today by, me.  They are letters that I like to write to people that have been awesome or bothersome in the last week. 
Let us begin.
Dear Daylight Savings Time.  I am super tired today.  Why do you do this to me.  I want to go to bed and I just woke up. 
Dear Mother Nature.  Do you know that it is daylight savings time?  This means we get more light in the evening.  Do you know why we can't enjoy it?  Because you keep being cold, and rainy.  Please get with the program.
Dear Pain In My Foot.  You are bothering me.  I'm ready to amputate you.  I guess it could be worse.  You could be a pain in my a$$.  Although, that could stand a bit of amputation itself. :)
Dear Einstein Bagels.  Why are you making me crave you?   Especially your cinnamon sugar slathered in strawberry cream cheese.  I will make you mine.  You just wait and see.
Dear Amazing Race.  What the heck is up with all the To...Be...Continued this season?  Please stop doing that. 
Dear Boss.  I'm super glad that you are going to be out of town the rest of the week.  Nuff said.
That is all for this week.  Join me again next week for moe.
Love Dazee