Monday, March 7, 2011

Fly Away

Jenny Matlock
It's Saturday Centus on Monday.  :)  That's what happens when you've gone on a weekend retreat. 
In case you need to know what I'm doing, this is a little writing prompt that Jenny Matlock gives us each week.  It can be up to 100 words plus the prompt that I highlight in blue.  Thanks Jenny, I'm addicted.  One of the few things I worried about missing out on was this little meme. 
As Becky stood in line at the airport, all she could think about was getting as far away as possible. Brad had finally crossed the line last night. She had grabbed a few clothes, her makeup bag, passport, and wallet. When she looked into her wallet, tears started rolling down her checks. There was no money. Just her drivers license and a Visa card.  

The ticket agent asked where she was headed. Her voice was barely a whisper when he asked where she was headed. As she handed her Visa to him, she couldn’t help but think that everything depended upon this single card.