Saturday, March 19, 2011

The Neighbors

Jenny Matlock

Saturday, oh Saturday, why do I love thee.  Is it because I get to sleep in?  Yes, is it because I get to actually sit down and have breakfast with my hubby?  Yes.  But then, it's also time to play along with Jenny of Saturday Centus Fame.

She likes to give us a prompt and then we have up to 100 words to write a little diddy to it.  The hundred words does not include the prompt.  My prompts are always in the lovely color of blue.

And now,

The Neighbors

Cari awoke with a start. “honey”, she said in a whisper, “there is something going on outside”. Roger rolled to his side and told her to go back to sleep, he didn’t hear a thing. Then bam, bam-bam. They both jumped out of bed at the same time.

They ran to the living room and looked outside. The neighbors house across the street was surrounded by police. The curtain parted and Charlie, their neighbor, came into view. Cari gasped as she saw a gun pointed at his head.

“Let your husband go”, the police officer shouted, “we can work this out”.

So I'm a murder mystery whodunit kind of gal.  I can't help it.  If you give this meme a try I just know that you would have a blast.  haha I said blast, plays right into my story. :)