Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Dear ........ 3.1.11

Hidee-Ho to you all.  It's Tuesday which brings around another week of Dear..... letters.  The letters I like to write, good and bad to those who are in need of them. 
I'm doing things a little bit different this week.  If you want to do your own dear letters, please do them.  If you want to grab my little button for your post, by all means, grab it.  I'm not going to put a "link" up.  I only have 2 people that link up, so I know if they still want to do their letters, they will grab my button and go. 
So, no more pressure.  I bet you love that.
Dear Some People That I Text.  A simple answer of yes, no or go to hell would certainly be nice instead of nothing.  Just sayin'.
 Dear Miss L and Miss A.  Thank you so much for the little play we were invited to on Sunday night.  It was adorable.
The Invitation

The Announcement at "The Theater"
Wow, that's going to be one long play
The Thespians
Costumes and all.

Dear Jayaycee Blog.  I love your blog.  You always show the cute stuff you make and then, being the creep that you are, you show food items that you make.  You know me and food are like this ~crossing fingers~.  Then you did it.  You posted a photo and recipe for monkey bread.  I have never heard of monkey bread before.  Now, I'm not sure it was a good thing I heard about it.  You inspired me to make it on Sunday.  Oh yes you did.  You are now my baking hero.  The funniest thing to come out of the whole experience is Mr C saying to his dad, "you know dad, that monkey bread looks more like monkey poop". :)

Here is the proof of the pudding.  Haha, because you use butterscotch pudding.  I'm cracking myself up here.

While you are lusting after my monkey bread, I will bid you ado.  To you, and you and you.  (you sang it, don't lie)

Love and Kisses