Thursday, March 24, 2011

A.B.C., Easy As 1.2.3., Doo-Ree-Mee,A-B-C,1-2-3 Baby You And Me!

You're singing it.  I can hear you, don't even try to deny it.

I saw this little ABC Meme on Sarah's Blog Simply Sassy Sarah.  You know me and my love of stealing question meme's.    :)

Achilles heel:  Wanting to be liked.

Battle cry:  Park it or drive it Rat Bastards!!

Casket style:

This is the one I want, but to see the coke one I would like but in a coke zero style check out my fieldtrip to the casket store post.

Deformity:  My left ear is lower than my right ear

Embarrassing nickname:  d’Vonna Béyoncé.   

Fish I’d most like to be if I were somehow, for some reason, forced to be turned into a fish:  Does a dolphin count?  Definitely not a salmon since they do that whole go upstream thing to make little salmons.  Nope, no way.

Getaway route:  Pull out of parking space at work, turn on to street.  Head for home. 

Hillbilly name (click here):   Loretta Lynne Hogg.  And that's Mrs. Hogg to y'all.

Inanimate object I most resemble:  My body pillow.  Cuz it's soft and cuddly. 

Jack”, Favorite blogger named:  ummm, yeah.  No bloggers named Jack that are my favorite but June Freaking Cleaver is a favorite J blogger.

Knot I have most trouble untying:  Probably be that knot that if I ever get kidnapped, when they tie you up to a chair and boyfriend will come to save me, and call me baby girl, and then hug me tight when HE unties it.  Oh wait.  Moving on.

Last lesson learned:  How to do our new phone system at work

Middle letter of middle name:  A

Nearest Chinese restaurant:  Sampan

Oldest person I know:  I guess I'm going to have to go with my dad. 

Pancakes, Favorite topping for:  Tons of melted butter and hot maple syrup

Quality I wish I had more of:  Not being a worrywart. 

Rap artist I’d most like to chillax with:  LLCoolJ (or LLCoolJoe..:)

Salad dressing I despise most:  Thousand Island.  I may put a little dollop on top of some blue cheese dressing,  but to eat a whole salad with it, yuk.

TV show I wish would disappear forever:  Jersey Shore.  No I've never watched it.  Why, because I just want it to disappear.  Geez

Underwear, Favorite kind/color:  Comfortable regular underwear, Purple in color.  I know, you are shocked.

Vice that I wish I could do away with:  Being sarcastic.  It's my way of getting out of uncomfortable situations.  

Website that I check first every day:  Google Reader, followed closely by Facebook.

Xerox, Funniest thing I’ve copied on:  I plead the 5th.

Yes,” Dumbest thing to which I’ve answered:  Will you be my partner on Amazing Race.  hahahaha, not really, but I couldn't think of anything.  I'm pretty good at saying no if I really don't want to do something.

Zombie, Favorite “brain” dish if I ever became a:  Spaghetti and brain sauce.  :)

McDonald's is going up in my little town.  Wish it was open now, I want an egg mcmuffin.  Waiting, Waiting, Waiting.