Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Women Gone Wild

I'm sure you have heard by now that I went on a little retreat over the weekend.  Oh my, it was a fun time.  No kids, no hubbies, no need to act mature.  Yup, good times.  Let's have a little walk down memory lane, should we.

I didn't know they trucked the Milky Way Candy Bars this way.  So awesome.

Ok, now that that's out of way, let me begin.  Miss L allowed Pixie, her smallest of webkinz to travel with me to keep me company.  Usually Miss Pixie goes to school with Miss L and stays in her backpack all day, so this was quite the adventure for her.

Here she is helping me with the GPS. 
And then she begged me to let her see the open road.  She loved it.
What happens when you get 3 grown women together?  They start talking in different dialects.  We did the random southern accents and the random british accents.  I have found myself slipping into them around my hubby since I been back.  He thinks I'm weird. :)

Before we could start our adventure, we had to stop in another small town to hit the bank for Lucy to cash a check.  When we were pulling out we saw this jeep.  Of course, Pixie just had to have her picture taken on it.
Off to get gas, where Pixie decided she was tired.
But then decided to help
Friday night we went to The Outback.  While waiting for our table we sat at the bar.   Lucy decided that Pixie needed a picture with a random mohawk dude. 
Of course, she also was guarding drinks.
Why yes, that's a tropical passion martini.

The next morning we were off to the local beauty college for pedicures.  Why the beauty college?  Because in Twin Falls, the normal pedicure places only had 1 chair.  I know.  I couldn't comprehend it either.  Oh well, it was an adventure.

Here's Pixie helping out.  Yeah, that's a foot massager thing.  Don't even go there.  The girl that did my feet was fun tho.  And everyone there thought that we were southern country bumpkins for awhile because that's how we were talking.  Before we left a "client" came in.  Long brown hair.  A cute flower on the side.  Dress.  Looked like a man.  Oh my, it was a man.  According to Diane, my pedicure queen, he comes in every saturday to get his nails and makeup done.  By the time we were done and getting ready to leave, about 5 of the students there wanted to hang out with us. 
Pixie got a smidge thirsty while we were there, and asked if she could have a drink.  You should have seen her sucking down that water.  You would have thought we hadn't allowed her to drink.  Oh wait, we didn't.  Our bad.

It was off to I-Hop after our feet were done.  Pixie was in 7th heaven.
She helped pour the coffee so we rewarded her with some white chocolate chips.
Then we were off to the new little store in Buhl, that April's next door neighbor opened.  It is called From Seed To Store, just in case you are ever in Buhl.  Just don't blink while you are there.  You might miss the town.  But I digress.  They have different sections that vendors sell their stuff in.  I bought the cutest pet rocks for my grandkids there.  You can also get homemade cookies, and cakes, and coffee, and jams.  Need I go on.

Off for home hotel but first we had to stop and get some dinner to take to our room.  Aahh, nothing like a good ole, get in your jammies at 7 and veg.

The next day we had to go home.  Tear, tear.  Stopped at Costco to get a few things, took those 2 hooligans home to Hagerman (pronounced Hay-ger-man) but I love to piss them off and say Hag-er-man.  

Can I just say, it does your outlook on life, a heck of a lot of good, when you can just go and be silly and have a good time, and not worry about the hubs or anyone else for that matter, telling you to grow up.