Monday, March 28, 2011

That's The Night The Lights Were Out

Yee-Haw.  The weekend is over and I'm so excited to go back to work today.   I'm delirious, like I would ever think that way. 
Saturday night we were watching my daughters kids while they went on a date.  It's getting to be bedtime.  9:00 PM and Mr C promptly falls asleep on the couch while watching Back To The Future.  That's a great movie by the way.  Miss L gets tired and we go lay down on my bed because I said she could sleep with me all night.  She promptly falls asleep. 

Now, 3 year old Miss A, she's not tired.  Damn those late naps that 3 years old take.  I take pity on hubby and send him to bed.  I join her on the couch.  11:50 comes and she is still awake.  Mom and dad get home, are surprised she's still awake, but loves transpires and they head downstairs.  Dad will be back upstairs to get Mr C.  I go check to make sure the garage door is locked. 

Que the scary music.........All the lights are off.....I start heading from the kitchen to the bedroom.........then it happens.........FACE PLANT INTO THE WALL!!!!!  Hard......yell out in pain......surprised the house didn't tumble to the ground.  NO ONE COMES TO MY RESCUE.  What the?  Stumble to the bedroom, in pain, head pounding, nose not bleeding, toe beating in pain.  Climb into bed and fall asleep.

Scene Two.....Wake up Sunday morning.  Head in to make coffee for me and the hubby.  Eat our breakfast, I ask nonchalantly, didn't you hear me trying to break the house last night?  No he says.  WTH!!!  I take him over to the wall to show him where I hit.  Ok, I wanted to see if there were any cracks.  Lo and Behold, this is what we beheld.

Yes dear peeps.  Thanks to the oils on my face, this is what was on the wall.  You will notice the side of my forehead that hit, my nose, and then my lips.  Oh, in person the lips look just like my lips.  Luscious, kissable, wait...sorry.  Also, notice how close I was to not hitting the wall.  And no, the wall and corner are not different colors, I had to darken up the photo around my beautiful face so you could see it. 

You totally want to live with me.  Don't lie.