Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Just A Day In My Life

On my travels, I will try, to do my duty, by taking photo's, for my followers, for this is the creed of the bloggers oath.

What, you didn't have to take the oath?  What the!  Someone lied to me.

So, the first time I saw this bike at the local mexican's waiting for jobs hangout McDonald's, I envisioned some kind of shooting apparatus ala James Bond, to get this hooked to the power pole.  Silly me, it's chained by the bike.  But hey, I've heard they are crafty fellas.  Just sayin.

Then, upon leaving work the other day, I spied Fido parking his truck, and picking up his supplies for the next day.  That Fido, did such a fine parking job.

I have passed this sign since it went up.  From afar it looks like

But in fact
Red Robin, maybe you should rethink the whole "stacking" premise.

Just like the sands in an hourglass, this is a day in my life.