Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Is Spring Here Or Not

Spring is springing, or so the month says.  I don't know about you, but my hubby is itching to get outside and work on our backyard.  So, being the ever, want something cool for back there, I started looking on the CSN Store site for cool things that could go back there.  I came across the outdoor lighting section, and boy of boy, I found something I think would be awesome.

It's a lighted bird bath. 
Did I say lighted?  I know, huh.
So those dear little birds will be able to find their way in the dark.  Me and the hubby always put out a hummingbird feeder, and at our old house, we put out a seeded feeder that the birds flocked to in the winter.  I swear we had bird conventions.  I just think this item would be so awesome.  Of course, it could also become like a public swimming pool for the birds.  Lifeguards would have to be hired, kicking the birds out every hour to check the whatever they send everyone out of the pool for to check, public intoxication of the birds.  hmmmm, we better approach this decision with a lot of thought.  We wouldn't want the neighbors to be calling the cops because the birds were causing a ruckus. 

They also had some really cool lighted house number signs.  Which would be cool, because some houses haven't found it in their hearts to put house numbers on their house or mailboxes, and that's just a big pain in the buttocks trying to find a place in the dark.  Just sayin'.

Must go now, have to decide how to bring up the bird bath to the hubs.  Wish me luck.