Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Shhhhh, I'm Pretending To Work

Nope, not in the mood to work today.  I know, and this is different because?

First question of the day

Well, does it?

I'm good to you guys.  No really I am.  I am helping you with your "pretending to work". Yeah, you will be looking at your computer screen, boss will never know.  
You're welcome.

Do you need some Christmas present idea's?  Here is the site for you
Why did you buy me that?

I know some of you get all hot and bothered over Tom Selleck.  He never did much for me.  But, if you want to see how his moustache would look on other well known people, check this out.
How would anyone else look in Tom Selleck's Moustache

This last one is by far my favorite.  I might just have to do this a lot today.  What?  I told you, not in the mood to work.  Just don't tell my boss.  It's our little secret.....

Last question of the day
Have you been taking photo's for this weeks

Bloggers Choice

Let your imagination be your guide.  Benches come in all shapes and forms.  They call the houses up on the east side that are nestled against the mountain, The Bench.  See I could take a photo of that.  But I won't.  Just trying to give you ideas.  Christy and I are just two average gals giving you all a chance to show off what you got.  Judging from photo's I've seen on all your blogs, you all do a great job.

The meme is every Thursday.  Be there or be square.  Or maybe I will just kick you square on the butt........ your choice. mmmwwwwaaaaahaaaahaaaaa

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