Thursday, September 1, 2011

What The Frack??????

What do you get when you join up with Christy and Boobies every Friday?  You get some things off your chest, that's what.  

This week, as per the title of my post, I have a few WTF items.  

Of course, a couple of them are about cars and their drivers.  But no Road Rage.  Shocking, I know.

Notice the arrows pointing at the sides of this car.  
What the frack are they, I'm sure you are asking yourselves.  I called them wings.  They are held on with so kind of a magnet thing, and when the driver was not stopped, they would fly up like they were wings.  It's true.  I would not fib.  I took a picture, there is your proof.  
Can you say, Nut Job.

I know this picture is kind of long shot.  Ok, it's a picture looking into my rear-view mirror at the white car behind me.
When the left arrow turned green for us wanting to get on the freeway, the car in front of me and myself started going.  Yon white car was coming the opposite way, and was SUPPOSED to be stopped and waiting at the red light.  Oh no, she decided she wanted to get on the freeway NOW.  She stopped in time for us to go by.  But, because I didn't get my phone camera ready fast enough, I couldn't actually take a picture of the fact that she was READING A FRACKING BOOK!!!  No texting while she was driving.  No Sir Ree Bob.  She was reading a book.  Fracking idiot.

Lastly but certainly not leastly, (deal with it), I can hear you questioning this next photo.
What the frack is it, you ask?
Those would be the shells of the sunflower seeds that one of the guys I work with, was hoarding.  Scary thing is, this is just one days worth.  And not even a full day.  It was only at lunch time that I snapped this.  I was singing "If I could put shells in a bottle", the rest of the day.   Fracken sick I tell you.  Just what I want to see on my way to the fax room

And now, the moment you have all been waiting for.  

This week, I only have one fabulous stiletto to show you.  I just know you are going to L O V E it.
It's a fracken tape dispenser!!!!
I know huh.  You all know my love affair with the office supply store.  And this kind of stuff is the reason why.
Office Depot

Now that is the kind of price that I love to pay for my shoes.

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