Wednesday, September 7, 2011

I Spy - Weathered


Welcome to our first week of I Spy.  Brought to you by Christy at My Mad Mind, Ange at Names Will Not Be Changed, and of course, little ole me.

Rules.  hahahaha, rules.  We will give you a prompt and you can post whatever you gather from the prompt.  You also can add a photo of something that just makes your heart tingle, or was just so awesome you can't stand it.  We call it "Your Choice"  We aren't professionals (well, Christy is my teacher), and we want as many of you that can, to link up.  Let your imagine run wild.  Grab the little I Spy button over there on the side and link on up.


The view from my office window.
Yup, you're jealous.  I can tell.

Next weeks prompt

Bugs Eye View
Your Choice

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