Monday, September 26, 2011

Give Me A Effing Break!!!!

Just opened up our new medical insurance packet.  To say that I am pissed is an understatement.  I realize that a lot of you don't even have medical insurance.  But hey, lets keep paying for the wars, cuz that is far more important than helping american's with health insurance.  

We got the new and improved awful insurance that is all the rage this year.  I would drop my medical insurance here at work if I could.  But being Type 1 diabetic, I need it to be able to AFFORD to get my insurance, oh and to say, STAY ALIVE.  But hey, you need to come up with $3000 out of pocket first.  

But, GOOD NEWS.  Got our newest insurance packet in the mail on friday.  Which, rant, Insurance and IRS shit always arrives on friday so you can't call and get all pissed off over the weekend.  They are hoping that you will calm down by Monday.  

On to the good news, it is now $3900.  Can they change it in the middle of the year like that?  Does anyone even care?  

A lot of republicans could give a rats ass.  Make sure we get our bombs, and shit, but to hell with you that need something TO KEEP YOU ALIVE!!!!

Calgon Take Me Away

Oh and guess what else.  Remember the post I did about my mom and dad being taken to the cleaners on their house.  They just got notice they have to be out in 2 to 3 days.

What a freaking crock of shit!!!!

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  1. Oh sweetie. I don't understand your American system. It's bananas.
    Even though we have to wait a trillion years to see a specialist, we get free healthcare (mostly).