Saturday, September 24, 2011

The Room

Oh dear, Jenny is mad at someone.   Last week, 32 words in song form.  This week, DIALOG ONLY.  Did you just see that?  I will say it again, DIALOG ONLY.  Good heavens, whichever one of you have spit in her cheerios, I promise to hunt you down, and hurt you.  Oh yes I will.

So, she's given us a few more words to work with.  Jenny, that was just way too kind of you.  And I'm saying that in a, don't get pissed at me like you are pissed at someone else kind of way.  I'm grateful.  

We get 150 words plus the 6 word prompt (156 words) for our little story.  The prompt is in blue.  


 “I can’t believe Jonah just told us he has a secret room in his house?”

 “I suspect he is just trying to get us to visit him there.”  

 “I would never go there, haven’t you heard about his missing wife?”

 “What are you talking about?”

 “Well, just a minute.   Joe, one more please”

  “Are you seriously ordering another martini?

  “If I’m going to tell you about his wife I am.  One day while I was visiting, Jonah called and said he was on his way home.  She got the oddest look on her face and asked me to please leave before he got there”.


 “She said he got really mad about people being over there and would take it out on her.”

 “What? How?”

  “All she said was that he had a ‘special room’ where he took her when she didn’t follow the rules”.......

I admit, I love everything murder mystery.  I do not do well with dialog, so Jenny making us do this week was a stretch for me.  I hope she has a better week so we can do something normal.  *said with a big smile looking right in Jenny's direction*

Jenny Matlock

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