Thursday, September 8, 2011


Thursdays come around so fast which means Miss Jenny again harkens for our assignment.  This week is brought to us by the letter

I have picked a subject that has bothered me in the past.  As a parent, our job is to raise our children in the best possible way we can, helping them spread their wings, and giving them unconditional love.  

But this post is not about the children.  This is about us, the parent.

According to

Un-For-Giv-Ing [uhn-fer-giv-ing]


1.  Not disposed to forgive or show mercy; unrelenting
2.  Not allowing for mistakes, carelessness, or weakness

I have a story to relate to you.  It has been stuck in my craw, so to speak, for many years.

(If a situation or someone's behavior sticks in your craw, it annoys you, usually because you think it is wrong)

We had a husband and wife come to our house one night to "chat".  Ok, they were trying to get Mr. Dazee to go to church, but what can I say.  After that evening, I myself didn't want to keep going to church.  We were chatting about our kids, who were about the same ages.  Out of the blue, Miss I'm Better Than Anyone Else says, 
"My daughter, "Talula" (not her real name) has done something that I can not forgive her for.  It will take her about 5 years to earn back my trust. 


First of all, lets give her a time frame shall we.
Nope, you haven't been raked over the coals long enough dear, you still have 2 more years to go.  And knowing this mother, it was probably something as trivial as holding hands with a boy.  No, she wouldn't tell us what the terrible deed was, but I don't care.  The point is, you are the parent, unless she has become a serial killer, you need to show them that you love them.  You might not always like them, but you love them all the same.  

One more example of Unforgiving
When you are weed whacking, and it hits a rock, said rock will most likely fly and hit a window.  

Windows are very unforgiving of rocks.

Just sayin.

Jenny Matlock

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