Wednesday, September 14, 2011

I Spy - 9.15.11


Time for Thursday, I Spy.  The photo meme sponsored by My Mad Mind, Names Will Not Be Changed, and myself.  

I know, I for one, always liked to join photo meme's, but there are so many professionals on a lot of them, that the three of us got together and said, "lets do one for the people that just love to shoot photos and show them off".  

Here are my shots for this weeks prompts.


This leaf bug was climbing on the door at work.  I love how I got the reflection of himself looking at himself.  

Mr. Dazee has been working on this pond for a good portion of the summer.   Mr C and Miss A were so hot one day, they decided to stick their feet in to cool off.   

Now, come on, grab the little I Spy button over there on the right side and link on up.  I know we have some closet photo takers out there, just waiting to shine.  

Next weeks prompts

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