Thursday, September 22, 2011

I Spy.....Lamps


Time again for our Thursday Photo Challenge, I SPY.  Hosted by Christy at My Mad Mind, Ange at Names Will Not Be Changed, and myself.  So get your groove on, grab the little I SPY button over there------------- >
and link up your fabulous photos.

Remember, we are not professionals.  We are just normal people, that love to use our cameras.  My secret.  I love .  It makes my photo's look like someone other than me took them.  So don't let not thinking you are good enough stop you.  I mean it.  If I have to come hunt each and every one of you down, to get you to link up, I will.  Got it?  Good.

Up First


Yeah, I kept telling you, let your imagination be your guide.  I went to Lowe's last weekend with Mr. Dazee and took photo's of their "lamps".  I included the cute butterfly and flower outside decorative "lamps".  I thought they were all kinds of cute.

This lamp is in my living room.  I uploaded it to Picnik and used HDR'ish effect.  I thought it turned out rather awesome.  Really pulled out all the different colors in the base.

Bloggers Choice
This is my wine rack.  Yes, I know, tons of wine on it huh.  :)
Do you see my new addition?  The shot glass?   Looks like it has a little home now.  The cute little bunnies.  I made those when my kids were little.  They have their initials of them too.  

Next weeks prompts
Blogger's Choice

Can't wait to see what you guys have done.

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  1. Those are some cute lamps, I especially like the butterfly ones:-)