Friday, September 30, 2011

Dear Fracking Sports Figures

September is drawing to a close, and besides it being month end today at work, it is also time for my weekly link up with Christy and Boobies.   I'm still a little miffed that Boobies has such a cool name, but I'm not going to flip her off this week.  I do have my nice moments.

Dear Fracking, Wah Baby, Sports Figures 
Get back to fracking work.  You poor things.  You are all bent out of shape because the owners need a bigger percentage of profits.  Well, I would hope to shout they do.  They are paying your fracking salaries, the utility bills, the other workers wages, and all so you can make, 12 million or more.  Give me a break.  The normal people of the world would love to make your money.  We get up, go to work everyday.  Shut up about how much so and so is making.  Oh, I can go over to Europe and play basketball.  Good, go over there.  I hope you pull an Achilles tendon or something.  Would serve you right.

Thank goodness I was able to witness the karma bus stop at the house of Steven Powell, father of Josh Powell, the "person of interest" in the case of his missing wife Susan. 
You are a weirdo.  You are a pedophile.  You are a peeping tom and a sick pig.  Who the frack needs 15 computers in their home?  How can you be so delusional as to think that your daughter-in-law was sexually attracted to you.  I hope that you get a really cool and awesome cell mate.  I realize I shouldn't judge, but really, taking photos of your next door neighbors little 7 and 10 year old girls while going to the bathroom and taking a bath.   Please justice system, give this guy a good long sentence.  That is all I ask.  
One other thing, please do not let the Casey Anthony jury people be on his jury.   

That's all I got for this week.  Shocker I know.  The most surprising thing, no pictures of stupid drivers.  It must have been a good week.

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  1. Sports stars need to shut their whiny vagina mouths. There are people who save lives (ahem like me) and I never could make that amount even if I worked till I was 120. And what about the men and women in the service...surely their making a ficking difference in the world. Sports stars are making a living paying games...what is so special about that?
    Off of soapbox ;)