Saturday, September 3, 2011

My Surprise Dinner

Saturday Centus time.  I tell ya, Jenny is giving us weird prompts as of late.  But, like all good teachers, it is to make us reach into that place and really think. 

Rules this week.  We only have 100 words, plus the 7 in the prompt, and we can use a picture.  The prompt is in blue. 

Six year old twins Jake and Julie were on a mad search.  They had announced they were going to make me a fine meal.  I was instructed by Julie to make crust, but that was it. 

After being in the garden, they were now in the kitchen where I heard the mixer start up, laughter and “oh, this is going to be so good”.  

I was called in and that’s when I saw it.  The dinner they had come up with was an odd color, and things were moving.  In my horror, I looked at it and exclaimed, “just what kind of a pizza is this?”

I actually have to thank my twin brothers for this story.  When they were 4, they did make a concoction that included snail and worms.  Thank goodness they only got as far as the mixing them up with my mom's hand mixer.  

Jenny Matlock

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