Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Imagine If You Will

Dearest Readers Of My Blog

You are about to enter
Dazee's Dream Zone
Do Not Adjust Your Screens

You have noticed by now that my blog has referenced "Dreams and Crazy".  I am now going to take you into my dream world of Sunday Night.  I realize these dreams happened during the night of which my post yesterday was all about.  I have figured out that my dreams have a lot to do with me compartmentalizing the days happenings.

Dream #1
I was at church.  Stop laughing.  In the hallway, there were snakes, and lizards, and bears, oh no.  Wait, there were no bears.  I was in charge of the little children.  (scary).  We were out looking at the s.c.a.r.y.  predators when one little girl decided to get brave and stick her head up by the cage.  Why was she able to do this?  Because its the freaking dream world.  This upset said huge lizard, who proceeded to crawl right up to the little girl and bite and hold onto her lip.  Now, even scarier, the little girl bled green blood.  About the color of the above picture.  Running around, it would not let go, I grab her screaming, dripping green blood all over the place,  and looking in rooms for her parents.  Said parents were found but couldn't give a rats ass that she was injured. 
Fade to black.

Dream #2
(wow, that countertop kind of looks like mine, scary even tho I got this shot off of google, du-du-du-du)
While at the same church, there was a dinner thing going on.  Yeah, me, food, what's your point.  
We all know that me and any type of pastry are like this *crossing fingers*.  I go to the table that has brownies that are shaped as, well, poo.  I ask the lady that made them, are these brownies?  Yes she said, so I grabbed one and took a HUGE ole bite.  Proceeding to chew and then gag, and then spit out.  
What The Hell!!!!  
They tasted like poop.  Now, I have never eaten poop.  My name is not Hilly. (tee-hee-hee).  But you can imagine what it was like.  I have to say, I woke up still feeling nauseated and puking yesterday morning.   And couldn't wait to brush my teeth.  Yuk, phewy, sick.

I understand what my dreams were saying.  No need to analyze.

On an extremely awesome note.  Look what I got.
(excuse the photo, it was taken in a flash, hahaha, I said flash, get it)

Thanks to one of my awesome followers, Vicki at Just Call Me Jake, Not found in stores anywhere,
and not many people can say they have a shot glass from "Area 52".  
Yup, she's awesome!!!!

I promise to take a better photo and probably put it on this Thursday, I SPY, which all of you are going to enter.  Right?  Of course Right.

Remember, the prompts are
Lamp(s) (let your imagination be your guide)
Bloggers Choice.

Be there or be square.

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  1. I'm gonna be there & square.... well, the pictures are sorta square. Ok rectangle but it's close:-)