Friday, September 2, 2011

What Do You Spy?

I have a huge, huge announcement to make.

My good friends Christy at My Mad Mind
and myself are starting up a Photo Meme.  
It will be every Thursday

We are calling it

Everyone loves to take photos.  I definitely am not a pro.  But I love taking them.  Sometimes I'm scared to death to join up with other photo meme's because there are way professional people out there.  Christy, Ange and myself are just normal, everyday people that love to take photo's.  Even tho, Christy is really good,  but she will tell you she's not.  Bad Christy, bad, bad.

Anygushinglater, just a heads up.  I would be so excited if a ton of you would link up.  It would make us soooooo happy.

It will be a 2 prompt meme.  
The good news is we will only give you one prompt to see what you can come up with.  The other prompt is totally up to you.  Sweet huh.

The first prompt we are giving you is


And, being that I'm a pest, I will kindly remind you up until
The Big Day
because that is how I roll.

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