Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Inquiring People Wanted To Know

On Monday I had a little rant post.  I had a fellow blogger mention a group that I and another follower wondered about.  I'm sharing the info with you today. 

They sound like the Brethren to me. I used to work for some when I was a graphic designer. Even as a committed church going Christian I wasn't allowed to go in their house, see them eat etc.

Ah, "those people": the reason when people ask me what my 'spiritual preference' is I just kind of smile not-so-innocently and plead the fifth.
They make me sad... and a little sick because the rest of us have to deal with the image they flaunt so haughtily to the rest of the world. Yay us.
LL Cool Joe, what are the Bretheren? I've never heard that term before.

I emailed Joey for more info.  He was kind enough to email me back this link.

And now, for your viewing enjoyment.
From my favorite movie of all time
Please do enjoy

I so wish I could have been part of this.

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