Saturday, September 10, 2011

The Beige Sweater

Saturday Centus time.  I know week after week I tell you that Jenny, I'm having a tangent Matlock gives us hard prompts.  This week was no different.  Oh but guess what she told us this time.  "I might make it a hard one next week".  Hahahaha.  surely you jest Jenny.  Oh wait, it could be "you only get to use 15 words".  Shutting up.  

The rules this week:   use up to 100 words plus the 3 word prompt, and we can use a picture.  I always put the prompt it blue.  Cuz I'm weird like that.

The Beige Sweater

Rebecca was rushing to get everything ready.  “Mother may I please borrow your beige sweater".  Of course her mother wasn’t going to send her baby off to school without it.

Noreen couldn’t believe Rebecca was headed across the country to go to college.  But with the scholarship it was their only choice.

Traffic was horrible, with them barely making it to the airport on time.  They rushed to get Rebecca checked in and say their final goodbyes.  When the last I love you was said, they heard

“This is the final boarding call for United Flight 93 to San Francisco”.

Jenny Matlock

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