Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Wednesday Wishes 9.14.11

Hiya.  How's it going?  Me you ask?  I'm good.   
Time for Wednesday Wishes.  

Just a little recap from last week.  No, I'm still not Samantha Stevens.  But, one of my buddies in blogging came up with what I hope is my long lost friend.  I hope, you ask?  Well, I did find her on facebook, and I have friend requested her and sent her private messages on there.  BUT.  She is not weird like me, getting on FB 2,3,4,5, times a day, and hasn't done anything on there since about Sept. 3rd.  Keep your fingers crossed.  Now I'm all about, "but what if she won't like me anymore".  Oh well, that will be her loss.  Right?

I wish that The Closer wasn't in it's final season.   I have watched this show from the very beginning and I'm all sorts of sad that Brenda Leigh Johnson will no longer be gracing my screen.  Bad, Brenda Leigh, bad.  
Can I get a thank-uuu.

I wish that my teeny tiny well hidden veins weren't so teeny tiny and worst of all rollable.  I have to go to get my lab work done today, and I just get poked and prodded.  Naughty veins.  (and yes, I have to go in fasting, but I can drink as much water as I want).  Still does not help with them finding my veins.  aarrgghh.

I wish that Kathryn Stockett was writing 
The Help - Karma Bites Hilly's Ass.  
No, she isn't.  I emailed her publicist.  Truly I did.  But she is writing another novel.   I will keep my fingers crossed.

Most importantly,
I truly hope and wish
that a ton of you will be linking up tomorrow with
Remember, we are not pros.  We just love taking photos.  You can take them with a camera, or a phone.  You can tweek them anyway you want.  We just want to see what you got.
There are only 2 prompts every week and one of them will always be your choice.
This weeks other prompt is
Bugs Eye View

Can't wait to see what ya got.

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