Friday, September 16, 2011

Yup, They're All Around Us

How was your week?  Mine was super long.  I'm so glad that Friday is finally here.

As with every Friday, I am supporting my girls Christy and Boobies in their Friday meme, Frack You Friday.  Besides, it gets stuff out of my head to leave space for next week.

Are you ready for some weirdo's??
(to the tune of Are You Ready For Some Football)

To our Cleaning Lady at work.  I know this isn't all your fault, but frack, you forgot to leave the women's restroom key.  You so kindly took it with you.  Yes, we lock our door to keep the weirdo men from using our restroom.  We should never be locked out.  We have to find other ways to get our relief.  My bladder was not a happy camper.  Don't ever do that again.

To the weird lady in the car next to me.  What the Frack!!!  You are using an eyelash curler.  Are you for real? Maybe I just don't understand eyelash curlers.  I don't use one.  But you looked like a freak.  K.  Do that crap at home.

Hey you, yes you, car that I shot the photo of.  Your light was a straight through light, not a fracking turn right.  So when I get in my lane after turning and your are right next to me somehow, don't EVEN look at me and stare me down while I'm looking at you staring you down.  Yeah, I take pictures of dumbass's like you.  I bet you even get into the HOV lane with only you in the car, and cross the double white lines doing so.  Jerks like you shouldn't be driving.

Dear Jeep Manufacturers and people that drive them.  This fracking new model of Jeep looks like a hearse driving down the road.  This photo doesn't even do it justice, but I had to get it somehow.  IF you feel the need to own the hearse special, get it in a color other than black or white.  I really half expected to see a coffin in the back.  Yikes.

I mentioned on my Wishful Wednesday post that I was lucky enough to go get my lab work done.  It was not good times for Dazee.  This was the first time I have ever cried while getting it done.  Yes, Mark, I told them to do my hand, and to please use the butterfly thing.  Mr. Fracking Inept stuck the needle in my hand, missed the vein, and continued to do the whole move the needle around trying to "stick" it somewhere.  If you have small, deep veins like me, this is not a good time.  That didn't work so lets try my right arm.  Stick, no vein, move around the needle, cause me pain.  Fracker.  Plus its always a fasting lab work, so pain and agony on top of an empty stomach makes you a little nauseous.  Oh dear, this isn't working.  Gives up and goes gets a more seasoned person.  Yippy-ya-fracking-hooey.  New dude is giving me crap about my deep small veins.  Watch out dude, my hand is sitting there right where it can slug you in the family jewels.  He wasn't even going to take crap from my veins.  Put the tourniquet so tight that I could feel my pulse in my hand.  Then ever so NOT GENTLY, shoved that needle into my left arm.  That's it, that was the one that put me over the edge.  It hurt like a, well, I'm not going to say it, but you can kind of guess what I was going to say.   I'm used to needles.  I'm diabetic, they are a fact of my life.  When he needs to get some blood drawn, I hope he calls me to do it for him.  Yeah, "this will just hurt a tiny bit".  

So, if you have some grips to get off your mind, head on over to Christy's or Boobies and link on up.  Try it, you might like it.

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