Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Fester The Fly

It is fall here in the Northern Hemisphere.  Which means, the flies are trying to get in out of the cool air outside into the houses.  

Today I will be talking about the recent adventures of a fly in my house.  Granted, it could be more than one fly, but go with me here.  

In order to enlighten you on the life span of the common house fly, check this out.  Needless to say, they know their days are numbered.  

The following is about Fester the Fly.  

I can't rightly tell you when Fester appeared in Casa Dreamer.  He was a pesky little thing that saw a moment and took it, shot right in a door that was opening and closing.  After casing the joint, he decided that he was going test out a few things.  

"What's this?", Fester exclaims. "Mr. Dazee is putting something in the microwave".  "I think I will slip on in there and see what it feels like".  (Mr. Dazee did not realize a fly had flown in there).  After retrieving said item from the microwave, Mr. Dazee told me that a fly came flying out of the microwave when he opened the door.  "Apparently a fly can withstand a microwave", was his statement to me.  I have to admit, I was half expecting to see Fester flying and then BAM, blow up in mid flight.  It wasn't to be.

Fester continued his flight patterns during the night.  After sluggishly making my way into the bathroom this morning, I spied Fester roaming the toilet seat.  Walking around and around and around.  I kindly swished my hand to get him to move and tried not to fall asleep while sitting there.  That damn Fester, he kept flying at my back side.  I slowly made my way to brush my teeth, once again taking a gander at the toilet seat.  There was Fester walking around.  I honestly heard his little brain saying, "if I just take the big plunge, it would be so nice".  

Yes Fester, it would.  And if you are still on toilet duty when I get off of work, I will be helping you take the big jump. 

Just sayin.

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