Wednesday, September 7, 2011

WeDnEsDaY WiShEs

I don't know if you are like me, but most the time I do my best thinking in the shower.  I guess it is because the hot water is beating down on my head and gets the brain cells working.  

While the brain cells were being caressed this morning, I started wishing things.  Lucky for you guys, you get to read (and see) what they were.

I wish I were Samantha Stevens.  Especially when I have to drag myself out of bed and get ready for work.  I would love to be able to do that nose thing and be ready for the day.  Plus all the cleaning and cooking and crap.  It would be sweet.  Except her mom always scared the poop right out of me.

I wish that chocolate had the calories and nutritional value of say broccoli.  (and that I didn't have to take insulin just to have one)

I super wish that I could find my childhood friend.  Yes, I'm still searching.  Here's the deal.  
Her name is Shelley.  Her maiden name is Isaacs.  I have no idea what her married name is.  We grew up and were bestest of friends in Colorado Springs, CO.  
I know that she now lives in Provo, Utah.  
That is the extent.  I keep searching Facebook, and just her name, but I guess she's not as young at heart as me and doesn't do the FB or blogging thing.  
Or Does She?
If anyone knows anything about her, please let me know.

Lastly but most importantly
I truly wish that a ton of you will link on up with our I Spy Photo Image Meme tomorrow.  Remember the prompt this week is
It can be something you took a long time ago.  Or recently.  We just want people to have fun and show off their photo's.  And I have 3 weathered shots so you can post however many you want on the given prompt.

I wish for all of you to have a good day.


  1. Oh! I hope you find your friend! Also? White chocolate is not chocolate. Well, it shouldn't be called chocolate. :)

  2. But, but, but. I still like milk chocolate. . . . .

  3. So stupid that chocolate and broccoli aren't the same.
    I'm still trying to locate and old school friend too. Are we looking for the same person ;)
    It's like they fell off the face of the earth!