Friday, September 9, 2011

Damn Fracken Semi Drivers

Did you just see me do the happy dance?  Yeah, I did it.  It's Friday you know.

Time to follow along with Christy and Boobies for our favorite meme.  FUF.  Frack You Friday.  

Honestly, because I am in rush hour traffic 5 days a week, I will never be without someone to tell off.  Today is no exception.
Dear Sweet DumbAss Semi Driver.  Did you not notice that the east/west bound traffic had the green light?  Did you not see Dazee about poop her pants when you were headed in her direction and INTO THE LEFT TURN LANE NEXT TO ME?  Are you fracking lucky no one was in said left turn lane?  Wow.  I mean, just wow.

Dear Fracking IFA (Intermountain Farmer) semi truck driving dude.  Were you pissed off at someone Thursday  morning?.  Were you mad that you were up and driving at 6 am?  Were you just following DA Semi Dude number 1?  Good hell guy.  If I didn't poop my pants with the first idiot, I was certainly loosing it with you.  Especially when the cars going eastbound WEREN'T stopping for you.  I was just waiting for death to happen before my eyes.

Told ya.  Never a dull moment.  I was in too much shock to grab my camera.  

Moving on to the fun other meme I do on Friday.  Shoegasms with A Daft Scots Lass.
A Daft Scots Lass

I'm feeling a little on the bizarre side today.  Could be because of my driving experience yesterday, but feast your eyes on the following.

These would be somewhat doable.
The next two are in the, ummm, what the heck are they category
I guess this one would at least keep the flies away.

And in the what the? category 

Moving along to the animal print category
I could so rock these next ones, that is, if I was a heel wearing kind of gal.

And my favorite ones of the bunch.  LOVE EM!!!!
Oh yeah, I'm on the runway, the runway, I'm walking on the runway.  

Oops, lost in the moment.

Remember to join the I Spy meme next Thursday.  We are just normal bloggers, taking normal photo's.  I was talking up my followers to My Mad Mind and Names will not be Changed, and well, come on kids, join in the fun.  Your photo's can be from any kind of camera, your phone, anything.  

The prompts for next Thursday are:
Bug's Eye View
Bloggers Choice

Get brave little buck-a-roos.  I have extreme faith in you.

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