Saturday, September 3, 2011

SOOC - 9.3.11

SOOC Saturday

Thought I would link up one more time to SOOC Saturday.  Where you take a photo, don't do anything to it, and then post it here.  Afterwards you can show a new and improved option.  Today I actually have 2 new and improved options.

It is always amazing to me that one part of the sky is dropping rain like crazy.  But just off to the side, it is as blue as ever.  I actually took this picture out of my car window while driving.  (I know, bad Dazee).  

In this next one, I just boosted the vibrance so you could see how blue part of the sky really was

I kind of really like how this next one turned out.  And because I'm old, I can't even remember what feature I did, but it looks cool

Get those cameras ready people.  I Spy starts Thursday.

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